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We specialise in Female & Male waxing Treatments.

Based in Bury I offer a strictly professional waxing service for both men and women in my private studio.  Clients travel to me for their waxing treatments from Bury, Rochdale, Blackburn, Manchester, Salford and even as far Leeds.

I offer appointments at flexible times and you can book up to eight weeks in advance for your treatments.  My early morning, late night and weekend appointment fill up fast so if you have an event or holiday and require an appointment at one of my busier times do plan ahead.

I have been trained by leading industry experts, and have also undertaken training with top brands, and have now developed my own technique. A ladies hollywood wax takes maxium twenty minutes, however appointments are booked in thirty minute slots, this is so we can discuss aftercare and carry out a consultation, and clean the room between each client.  I have been a beautician for sixteen years and specialised in waxing for four years, im fully qualified and insured and have clients returning to me over and over, most my new clientele comes from a referal from a friend.

Check the online booking for your next appointment.

Booking & Cancelation Policy

When booking your appointment please where possible pay at the time of booking. If you cannot make full payment at the time of booking you will be contacted and a booking fee of £10 (redeemable towards your final bill) will be requested. No appointment will be confirmed until the fee is paid. Fees are refundable or transferable to a different date or time providing it fall within the 48 hour cancellation policy. 

Please try to give as much notice as possible if you would like to cancel, rearrange or amend your booking (48 hours)

A text and email will confirm your booking, and a reminder text will be sent 24 hours prior to you appointment.  The booking system has an automatic cancellation watch for people waiting on appointments, so a cancellation 48 hours before allows the waiting client to book in.

I totally understand that things come up beyond our control and will always try my upmost to accomadate.  However im not in the busines to sit doing nothing and my kids need milk on their cornflakes.

If you simply fail to attend an appointment with no message/email or call, then full payment will be required on booking in your next appoinment. This is something I have had to implement due to so many cancellation. If you need to cancel after that time frame, Please contact me directly.

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Hygine Yours and mine - ideally it is best to shower on the day of your appointment.  We do have a bathroom to use with wipes and sanitry products if you do require them. I wear fresh gloves per client, the bed and pot are cleansed between each client and fresh bed roll between each treatment. You can still have your treatment if you are having your period if you fell comfortable, please use a tampon.

How long does my hair need to be? I could not agree more that growing out hair is the worse feeling in the world, BUT you kind of only have to do it the once. Four weeks is perfect, any less or any longer and I will advise that the results may not be as perfect. I can still wax you. Just bare in mind if you have a holiday or an event coming up you may want to plan a few waxes in advance.

How Long Does a treatment take?  Well it all depends on which treatment.  When you book online the timings are by the treatment selected. This is time in the room and not actually being waxed, so a consulation, a wax, a chinwag, after care and booking in your next appointment is included in the time. 

How long do results last and how often do i need a wax? So this really does vary.  Most clients of mine tend to do 4-6 weekly appointments.  As times goes on the more you wax the slower the hair grows back, you may even notice patches. its really important not to do any other form of hair removal inbetween.

Is it painfull? It is not without discomfort, but no one ever got up and left my salon during a wax not being able to cope with pain, if its a new experince for you then its important to try and be relaxed, let me know if your worried about it hurting.

Intimate waxing women.  I ask for underwear to be removed for bikini waxing. Its quicker, easier and results are better, plus you may be required to stretch in some areas so its easy for you.

Intimate waxing males. Same as the ladies really, underwear is to be removed, for the wax to be carried out. I am a waxer and beautician and nothing else so please do not call me or enter my premises asking for extras because it will not be happy ending for you. 

How do I  Prepare for a wax? Avoid sunbeds for at least 24 hours, also its a good idea not to use any body lotions or oils.  Give your skin a gentle exfolate and wear nice comfy clothing.

And after? Again sunbed use is a no. Any form of heat treatment, avoid getting sweaty in the gym, do not use any strongly perfumed products, follow a good skin care routine by exfolating and moisturizing. 

Any restrictions?

No treatment can be carried out under people under the age of 18 years, this is due to insurance. Certain medical condition can contraindicate a treatment (not all) consultation is carried out before your treatment, if you have any question before hand or are unsure just drop me an email text or call and I'm happy to discuss 

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